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Wishing you all a very happy 2014. I hope we all try this year to eat healthy and to maintain balance in our lives. With that mission in my mind, I am kick starting this new year with one of my all time favorite recipes "Guacamole (aka Guac :)) ". I adore avocados. It is one such fruit that passes with flying colors on both the tests - nutritional value and yumminess :). Guacamole is perfect for those lazy days when we do not want to do a lot to get nice home cooked meals- especially after holiday season. Use "Guac" as spread, eat as snack, do whatever you like. Its healthy and tummy loves the yummy delight. There are million different ways you could prepare this dish. I am sharing my version. I enjoy making and eating it. I hope you like it as well. 


                    Elements (Ingredients) for this dish:

1)      Haas Avocado (medium size) -1
2)      Roma Tomato (medium size) -1/4- finely chopped
3)      Red onion (medium size)-1/8- finely chopped
4)      Garlic - 1/8 tsp-  finely chopped
5)      Parsley (Fresh) - two twigs- finely chopped
6)      Dry roasted cumin and pepper powder - ¼ tsp (Home made spice mix- dry roasted equal parts of cumin and peppercorn seeds for a minute on iron skillet. Then grind it in any spice grinder ( I used my spice mixer accessory that comes with braun hand blender).
7)      Orange juice (Freshly squeezed is preferable) - 1 tbsp
8)    Salt to taste

                             Compound (final product):

1.      Scoop out the avocado (my favorite part of this recipe).
2.      Add all ingredients (in the order mentioned above).
3.      Mix all the ingredients.
4.      Wala! Dish is ready.
5.      Have it with chips or just like that – who cares. Just enjoy :)

Bon appetit

1) Picking up right avocado is the key to any guacamole dish, as you can see there is not much prep wise for this dish. Color of avocado does not always indicate its ripeness. Ripe avocados will yield to firm gentle pressure.
2) You can mix all the ingredients to the consistency you prefer. For me it depends, if am using it as spread , I make it to paste like consistency, if am eating with chips, then I let it be chunky. 

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