Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome to the sound of ladle

Life is beautiful especially when food is around


This dish above looks awesome. Why wouldn't it, its from Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan. I wish, I would have made this. Quite a mouthful as well as healthy.  
It’s a truth that these days ….lifestyle is becoming so busy that we don’t even have time for one of the most important thing in life “ to cook” for our family, for our near and dear ones and not the least for ourselves. A daily home cooked meal is becoming such a rare/holiday’s event. 

I like cooking very much especially for my family and friends. It’s a fantastic way of getting together in the kitchen without forcing anybody to actually be there.  We just chill out with each other and find out how everybody’s day was. Home cooked meals bond us. But face it…..most of the days are so crazy that am not able to cook as much as I want to. As soon as I hit home, I feel so tired that either we dine out or get the food delivered. As the time is passing by, eating outside is becoming such a drag. We don’t enjoy it any more. But we still eat out. It’s sad that we are becoming slaves of our lifestyle, rather than we being the commander-in-chief of it.

Enough said….I want to break this habit and desire to cook more often if not daily. I want to make this a discipline. To defeat my laziness and for inspiration, I started watching youtube and am following many self taught chefs and food enthusiasts out there in the world. Its a great feeling! This ritual gives me a great boost to cook most of the days.  This got me into thinking that we all could inspire each other. I know there are many women out there like me who want to cook on a daily basis, want to bring back our traditional values and teach the same to our kids. So I thought of starting this blog called “the sound of ladle”.

I really aspire that this process of sharing our love for home cooked simple meals would inspire most people like me into becoming a chef in their own kitchen and make cooking a daily ritual. I hope that even when we are dog tired by our grueling and demanding lifestyle, we know our friends would be cooking a storm for their family and loved ones, trying to put something home cooked on the table day after day with lots of love and endurance. And hopefully this love and enthusiasm would drive all of us to our respective kitchens on a regular basis. So I hope to hear ...the sound of ladle pretty often in our kitchen.  

Looking forward to your enthusiasm.